What is it about anime that pushing it to gain so much momentum? This type of entertainment has long been something that has held the dedication of a large fan base. But today, more and more people are beginning to take a second look. The simple answer involves the increase in licensed anime streaming. More availability means offering it up to a wider audience and in turn, gaining new fans along the way.

Free Viewing

Who doesn’t love something free? In the past, fans of Japaneses animation were forced to look for VHS or DVDs that featured this type of programming. It wasn’t always easy to come by, and not everyone had been exposed to this type of entertainment. Some may not have even heard about this type of program. But with a broad variety of shows, free viewing has made this type of show much more accessible. When things are free, they often tend to increase in popularity. Even if a viewer had no interest in checking out this type of programming, because it’s free, it might get more attention. Because its free, more kids could be allowed to see the shows, which in turn increases the overall audience.



Everyone knows someone that has a favorite anime or favorite character. Viewers that may have never seen this type of entertainment may have heard friends, acquaintances, and even family members talk about it. Online streaming means that people are able to quench their curiosity. They can stream from the comfort of their own homes and make a judgment about the show, its characters, even its plot line. Even those most adamant in their lack of interest for this genre sometimes become fans because of the availability of the shows.

Fan Base

Fans of Japanese animation tend to be obvious in their support of this entertainment. With anime online, they are exposed to even more episodes and shows, increasing their dedication. They can spend time watching the latest shows released but also have a chance to check out episodes of lesser known shows. At the same time, fans can share shows with others easily online. Fans can share links with each other for certain shows and they can encourage those that may not even be interested in Japanese animation to give it a try. Once again, because of the availability of the programming, more people are trying out the shows and converting to the dedicated fan base.


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